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Spiral Academy

Spiral Academy

Spiral Academy extends enrollment opportunities to children across the globe, all while adhering meticulously to the legal mandates of the state of Colorado. With a longstanding history of three decades as a private American institution, Spiral Academy has cultivated its presence.

In the realm of secondary education, they offer a comprehensive graduation package priced at $160 USD, encompassing enrollment, diploma issuance, and the provision of three official transcripts. Importantly, their diplomas and transcripts have garnered acceptance from esteemed universities, underscoring their credibility.

While international schools are exempt from mandatory testing, they do uphold a rigorous attendance record-keeping system. Concerning immunization documentation, this requirement exclusively pertains to U.S. states, aligning with the respective regulations of each jurisdiction.

With respect to accreditation, Spiral Academy deliberately abstains from pursuing it due to the perceived disproportionate expense, grounded in the belief that it yields minimal incremental value for the majority of students.

Their philosophy centers on the intrinsic weight of diplomas and transcripts, entailing close collaboration with families to ensure students diligently meet the graduation requisites set forth by Colorado. Emphatically, they underscore to parents that the transcript content must meticulously mirror the student’s accomplishments throughout their high school tenure, fortified by evidence that can be readily furnished in the event of an audit.

For international students, in my capacity as a homeschooling assistant, I proffer the recommendation that parents maintain possession of a comprehensive study certificate (paired with a portfolio) that thoughtfully mirrors the curriculum standards of Portugal or Brazil, regardless of the particularized learning methodology embraced.

A noteworthy emphasis lies in the fact that the Dgeste authority in Portugal unequivocally does not recognize international institutions like Spiral Academy. Consequently, this disposition carries potential ramifications, potentially instigating an official report and necessitating a legal demonstration that a child’s education is scrupulously attended to, encompassing both academic and socio-physical dimensions.