Criando cristais de açúcar

**Hands-On Activity: Sugar Crystal Experiment**



1. Sugar

2. Water

3. String or pipe cleaner

4. Pencil or craft stick

5. Jar or glass

6. Clothespin or clip

7. Food coloring (optional)

8. Magnifying glass (optional)


**Step-by-Step Guide:**


1. **Introduction (5 minutes):**

– Introduce the concept of growing sugar crystals through a simple experiment.

– Discuss the crystallization process and its connection to the formation of crystals in nature.


2. **Gathering Materials (5 minutes):**

– Distribute sugar, water, string or pipe cleaner, pencil or craft stick, jar or glass, clothespin or clip, and optional materials.


3. **Explanation of Crystallization (10 minutes):**

– Briefly explain the process of crystallization and how sugar molecules arrange themselves to form crystals.

– Discuss the factors that may influence crystal growth.


4. **Preparation (10 minutes):**

– Instruct participants to create a supersaturated sugar solution by dissolving as much sugar as possible in warm water.

– Attach the string or pipe cleaner to the pencil or craft stick, creating a suspended seed crystal.


5. **Dipping and Hanging (10 minutes):**

– Dip the seed crystal into the sugar solution, ensuring it’s fully coated.

– Hang the seed crystal in the jar or glass using the clothespin or clip, allowing it to dangle into the solution without touching the sides or bottom.


6. **Observation (10 minutes):**

– Encourage participants to observe the jar daily and note any changes in crystal growth.

– Optionally, use a magnifying glass to closely inspect the developing crystals.


7. **Discussion (10 minutes):**

– Facilitate a group discussion where participants share their observations and discuss the factors influencing crystal growth.

– Explore the similarities between the experiment and natural crystal formation.


8. **Conclusion (5 minutes):**

– Summarize the experiment, emphasizing the connection between sugar crystal growth and the crystallization processes found in nature.

– Discuss the beauty and structure of the formed sugar crystals.


**Learning Outcomes:**

1. **Understanding Crystallization:** Participants will gain an understanding of the crystallization process through hands-on experimentation.

2. **Observational Skills:** Regular observations of crystal growth enhance participants’ observational skills.

3. **Scientific Inquiry:** The experiment promotes scientific inquiry as participants explore factors influencing crystal formation.

4. **Connection to Natural Processes:** Discussing the similarities to natural crystal formation fosters an understanding of scientific concepts in the world around us.

5. **Patience and Persistence:** Waiting for crystals to grow teaches patience and emphasizes the importance of persistence in scientific experiments.

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